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Subject:  career choice

My best friend's daughter is close to 15 yrs and she is on the cross roads as
far as her career choice is concerned. I would be very grateful to the esteemed
members if they analyze her chart. Is she going to get into medicine and does it
looke like from her chart that she would be a doctor?

Thnaks in advance.

Birth details:

DOB:July 29,1998
Time of birth: 1:17:00 am
Place of birth: Arlington, Texas, USA

Usha V.


Hrim Gurave Namah
dear Usha,

I wondered first about time yes, because in education varga (D24, sidhamsa) only
24 sec before chart changes.

If she cant enter medizine university who cares about rasi 10th house, it can be
shaped in another way.

I know it from my chart, I was brillant student always number 1 in highschool,
was burning to study medizine until last exam day my choice was changed in 1
night by my nephew.

Here Rahu-Ketu-Saturn on lagna in D24 and in 9th Scorpio-Mercury; if time is
correct but if 24 seconds before totaly changed, Im not sure hospitals could
understand this diffrence for 24 sec.

So I have still doubts. Lets say it is okey .

9th house strong lord is Ketu which located in Picses; very strong. Mars is
exalted even and giving dristi to Scorpio. Venus and Jupiter giving subha yoga
to Mercury, hence exalted Mars and Exalted Sun giving strong dristhi to 9th
house of education in D24. Mixed choices here.
Arudha decides real job, Mercury decides "actual doctor" yes , Moon decides
about any type healing (not to be a doctor always may indicates nurses) per my
jyotish guru Vistiji teachings which originated from parashara and jaimini

Mercury yuti Rahu in gandantha Rasi Leo ; Magha can show very important topics,
dispozitor Sun is in Cancer and Moon is located in a healer nakstra Hasta whos
having special talents in hands, if medizine because of Rahu;branches related to
reanimation, anaesthesia, or dealing with big machines like MR- x-rays
ultrasounds (Mercury and Moon strong) or poisons etc.

Mercury is in Virgo in D10; very strong indeed. Showing Mercury dominate over
carrier. Mercury having dristhi from strong Jupiter and trine from exalted Mars.

10th from Moon has Gemini in rasi and Mars in it shows something related with
somekind of techical career branches .And in D9 Mars is strong in 6th of
resourses in Aries. 10th from Sun is even techical sign; Aries.

Also I looked karana lord is Mars which is AK, who decides everything amoung
soul. In D24 9th from Mars is Virgo a healer rasi with Moon in it, nice.

But 1 more detail; if D9 lagna correct, Im in doubt here Mercury is in 7th in D9
MKS, as being also 8th lord . Can she earn enough money if she become a doctor?
I know many doctors changes their carrier after very difficult long years of
education even. There are some choices in charts. Thats why we try to understand
charts and study jyotish .

in D9; exalted Venus trine to Lagna, exalted Ketu in 2nd house after those Mars
in own sign after that retro Jupiter may be giving sources. Among them only Ketu
is dealing with Arudha directly.

in rasi: Karana lord Mars AK is trine to Ketu. She can turn to face Ketu. Ketu
is strong also in D24. But ofcourse there is some obvious problems in pancahanga
too, having some doshas. This is a complicated chart dear.

another doubt: If birth time is 24 sec. before; D24 changes sorry, and Libra
strong Venus yuti Jupiter can lead even her finance , business administration
etc. This is another side of life.

Just as an example (Im not asking anything about this chart) her mother ( a
doctor, professor) and she was burned for medizine university .

Natal Chart:October 13, 1994: given time: 15:45 ,3:00:00 (East of GMT), 28 E 57'
00", 41 N 01' 00", Istanbul. She coudnt and last year entered computer
engeenering. Now she is in medium sucsees. See how 50 seconds changes D24

Im sure there must be more secrets about career and education topic. And our
gurujis know better.

I wish all the best for your loved one.

Sincerely yours

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