Dear Gurujans ,

Please help. I am Papun  and suddenly facing deep career crisis from May  2012 onwards . Nothing seems to be working for the last 10 months . 
Local astrologers' says Time is very good from 17MAY 2012 !!!!!!!!! but the opposite events have been happening . Can events happen contradictory to the chart  or is it a wrong reading of the planets position.

Details : Date of Birth :  9th January 1970,  08.20 AM, Place of Birth :    Calcutta

Best Regards ,

Papun A.


There were 5-6 mails from different astrologers, here is my brief one;

Hrim Gurave Namah

dear Papun,

I think Rafal gave very deep and nice explanations for your chart, From my eyes of view; 1991 was Saturn and Rahu on lagna +on your Moon could be problematic; but less because of Saturnian Moon sign benefit you somehow so it lasted only few months , but 2007 was Saturn 8th from both lagna and Moon ; Asthami Sani could be more problematic but here again Guru transit at Scorpio was benefit for you. You have really  good karana lord (Moon) as Rafal indicated digbala from 10th house.  As he said many things about this dont neglect his words.

I think your d10 lagna and time is right if you are in commerce work Gemini lagna suits you and in 8th house Jupiter ( debility ) yuti Moon in Capricorn in D10 chart ; giving many jobs change till now. Karana lord (Moon) is 11th house (house of punishment )  from 10th house in D10 meanwhile in 8th house from lagna also gave you this.

You born in Sravana, who can listen well. For the last 10 months, Saturn  was transiting 10th from your Moon, April 2012 Libra Saturn was  exaltation but Retro; very bad. Sun transits  is helping you a lot as Sun is your 18th nakstra lord (overall results of your job) . Now Sun entered to exaltation sign Aries; your efford can work in this time but Saturn is still Retro showing your effords still. After Saturn turns direct it can be more neutral job life.
You can use dwi-saptati dasha also for your chart (7th lord in 1st house) which showing your problems in past well. Now you are in Sun mahadasha in 3rd house (D10) showing some contract base work oppurtunities as well as in government and in management area too. You borned in Sun hora part (as Lagna based) in early morning hours so why dont you offer flowers  to Shiva as well as a flower garland to your Guru as a simple remedy to pass this problematic times?

I wish all the best


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