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Subject:  Ketu mahadasha

This query is regarding my daughter. She is just five yrs old but ever since her ketu mahadasha has started ...for some reason or the other we have been butting heads...may sound rather silly given her age but I am so far she has been doing good at school...but I am worried..... As a beginner in astrology I see how the dasha is effecting.....something or the other...and I do have to stress here that nothing major so far....happens at school which honestly hadn't been happened with so much regularity earlier.

Am I being paranoid about this ketu mahadasha ...I am also worried about the ensuing venus dasha...:( Will she study well? I am hoping she will not have any behavioral issues...  Would be grateful if the esteemed members of the forum could reply.

Birth details:
DOB: 21 November , 2007
Time of birth: 3:35 pm
Place of birth : lawrenceville , Georgia, USA


Hrim Gurave Namah

dear Usha,
as a mother I understand you very well, but you asked a question here there
should be a remedy for you will be given by universe.

What I see from my environment; jyotish beginners are affrading too much about
what they reading, mostly this is because you are reading from internet or books
clasical explanations. But I want to advise you if you want to in it really
wisely, pls start on road with a respected teacher.
There are many exceptions in each chart other than you read in ordinary books.

Remedy can be given in any chart but Im agree that for some ages one can be in
deep attention for interprataion and shoudnt give longevity subject for a child
or young people till 20's age which can cause Brahma curse on an astrologer.

Positive thinking may suits psychologicaly, but remedies are important.

Ketu yuti Saturn; Sradda dosha ; person forgot motherside in past lives
accidentally. So motherside's pitris are very important for your family in this
ketu period. You asked this question and you have very important role here as
beeing a member from mother side itself.

Any dasha can cause some problems for sure. We born here and we should accept
wordly problems in calmness as we can.

For this sradha dosha you can try Guru Mantras. Im in doubt for 2 minutes 31
sec. for birth time if Guru is in 9th house or Guru is in 8th house? In Navamsa
AK Guru on lagna can indicate very important birth. Birth time important here.

But even time and lagna changes this doesnt change remedy ;this is for
motherside , Guru mantras suits you and calm dawn problems. Type of Guru remedy
can change . My gurujis can advise you more deep karmic level mantras too.

I wish all the best for your loved ones

Sincerely yours
Himalaya Ma


Dear Himalaya ,  

Thank you so much for the detailed analysis. Her birth time is as per the
hospital record. I am not able to understand why you wrote that Jupiter moves to
the eight house if the time changes by two minutes or so....I tried changing the
time but Jupiter always remains in the ninth house.

Yes...I am hoping for the best...her Jupiter is in the first house and is her AK
and she has vargotamma lagna....
Actually it makes it kinda confusing...because what should one see raasi chart
or navamsa because the lagna is vargotamma...:(

I love astrology but I don't know how to get a good teacher or if anyone will
even take as their student....:(

It is correct that there might be some carried over pitru dosha from my side. I
believe I too have it in my father was adopted by his aunt as she
didn't have any kids. My father didn't believe big in performing all the
ceremonies that are conducted for the ancestors so maybe that is being carried
over to the next generations. I believe a woman can only do so Hindu
religion doesn't allow women to perform such ceremonies for the ancestors.
Although I always go to the temple on my fathers death anniversary and do
archanam in his name.

Thanks again for the detailed reply.  Appreciate it a lot.  Usha.


Dear Usha , namaste

If lagna moves to Aries Jupiter will be in 8th house, but if you are %100 sure
for b.time neglect my sentences.

There are many other techniques to get piece from pitris which I am in therapy
conselling besides jyotish, they both harmonize charts very well; I dont know
your own chart now, if not aflicted Saturn, pls refer to "Bert Hellinger family
conselling" from internet for your area if any, if your Saturn aflicted, I dont
advise this tecnique because it may cause sorrow too ".

I wish for the best


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