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Sent:  Thu Mar 28, 2013 7:05 pm  
Subject:  Love Break

 Wishing a very Happy and colourful holi to all of you and your family. Sirs my life is colourless here. Please help. Kindly consider my chart for case study. Kindly see my horoscope and palm photo. I'm an Engineer B.Tech Electronics & Telecom. Marriage when in which dasha mahadasha ? Love or arranged marriage ? How will be structure & character of wife ? Is there any divorce yog ?How good will be the married life ? Date of birth: 10 Feb 1981 Time: 21:43 (09:43PM) Place: Bhubaneswar. I am wearing a white sapphire in gold ring on middle finger,a pearl on little finger and an emerald on ring finger. Sirs One very big thing of life has happened with me in last year 10th October. I had a love break up in 2009.It was difficult for me to come out of the painful situation, It took me about 2 years to come out of the feelings. I was living happily. Again on 10th October I proposed to a new girl but again got rejected. Just 14 days short love story. Lol!!!! It's pain of love . Hope you can understand how much unbearable is it. A break of heart has direct impact on mind. NOTE : I was wearing a white sapphire in gold ring on middle finger,a pearl on little finger and an emerald on ring finger. I have changed the ring from last 1.5 months means I have removed that iron ring on middle finger completely and moved the white sapphire from middle finger to index finger. So all total 3 rings now White Sapphire on index, Emerald on ring and Pearl on little.Pearl wearing to strengthen the weak moon sitting on 8th house. I am wearing pearl from last 5 months and I have not felt neither good nor bad effect, it is neutral for me. I feel no bad effect due to pearl.


Hrim Gurave Namah
dear Sumit
 It seems many gems wearing dont give real benefit  astrologically, especially for love life. I was seeing many people wearing many gems in the same time on streets in India offently.
White saphire was in midlle finger and now in index;  terrible situation;  increases ahamkara. But it seems in middle finger didnt give any good efect too before;  
Any artificial gem is Rahu which is aspecting here Venus directly (shocks in love life).   If we take dwisaptami dasha Venus yuti Ketu in same nakshatra  breaking loves .
Venus is under curse (AK Sun+Rahu).  For 2009, it was  Venus-Rahu or Venus-Saturn period that suited very well for upset . Venus dasha period will act like Ketu mostly.
Main problem is this yuti. Wearing lagna lord gem in ring finger ;  it seems very nice gem emerald for Virgo lagna; it improves inteligence in ring finger  but  it is also UL's indicator and Mercury yuti with Mars which can give  2/3 Mars effect in relations. And Mercury gem gives Saturn result too because of parivartana.  Mercury is lording 12nd house (means 6th from 7th house causing celibacy) in Somanath D3 drekana which is not suited position for love life .  
Emerald  wearing  is very  badly influencing your love life  because of somanath position pls wear off emerald  for happiness in your  love  life.   

Sincerely yours

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